NSAC Medical offers the following medical examinations and certificates

  • EASA class 1 revalidation
  • EASA class 2
  • EASA class 3 (ATCO)
  • EASA class 4
  • LAPL
  • Cabin Crew
  • FAA (all classes)
  • Offshore NOGEPA
Please bring with you:
  • ID
  • logbook or flight time since last medical exam
  • ophtalmic examination report filled out by a regular ophthalmologist for initial class 2 examination
  • if you wear glasses or lenses your prescription from the optician or ophthalmologist
  • for a FAA examen, your Medexpress confirmation number
  • for a NOGEPA examen, some sportswear for the Chester Step test
  • Occupational Medical examinations and assessments (appointments via


Dr. Peter Casteleyn


Emergency physician

Dr. Andreas Markovitz


Intensive care physician

Dr. Erwin Praet

General practitioner

Dr. Glabeke

General practitioner

Dr. D'Hert

Occupational health physician


Katrien Vercauteren

EASA designated aviation psychologist


North Sea Aviation Center, Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 943, 8400 Oostende, Belgium